Breach of immigration law could impact on CEO / Stakeholders

As a company director or executive, you could be held personally liable for breach of immigration law. Act now to get your house in order before something goes wrong.

Protect your business and yourself

If your business is employing illegal workers, it could be your neck on the line.

Avoid personal liability

Don’t take the fall for compliance failures. If the risk is being managed ‘somewhere else’ in your business, it’s probably not being managed at all. WithComplize, you can easily implement best practice compliance systems to protect your business and yourself.

Protect your talent pipeline

Breach of immigration laws could get your business banned from sponsoring visa holders. Don’t let immigration compliance go by the wayside. Complize provides a range of tools to help you proactively embrace the risk and manage end-to-end compliance.

Increase transparency

If you don’t have clear oversight of immigration risk management, it could be falling through the cracks. Complize ensures your compliance obligations are assigned and managed with complete transparency, so you have the information you need to protect your brand.

Stay up to date

You don’t have to scour the Home Affairs website to get the latest information. Our real-time immigration knowledge base provides all the information you need to ensure compliance with the current legal regime.

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Are you still relying on Excel to manage compliance?

An Excel spreadsheet may be a great way of recording your financial data, but it’s not designed to manage immigration compliance. Paired with equally unreliable Outlook calendar reminders, such“systems” are a recipe for disaster. Improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary mistakes withComplize. Our Workforce Management module provides a full suite of tools to track employee data, report on critical compliance issues, and automate your workflows.

Are your employees equipped to manage compliance?

Your staff may have the best of intentions, but they don’t know what they don’t know. To minimise the risk of sanctions and personal liability, your employees must have the right knowledge to do their job. Our suite of online compliance certification courses and smart documents ensures that all employees understand their legal obligations and have the resources to put them into practice.

Can you prove your commitment to compliance?

Everyone makes mistakes. But if something goes wrong, you’ll want Home Affairs to see that you’re serious about compliance. Using Complize doesn’t just minimise the risk of non-compliance, it also proves that your business is making a real effort to comply. That means you’re much less likely to suffer severe penalties for making that one-off mistake.

"If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business." Gary Cohn, Vice Chairman of IBM