Jackson Taylor

Jackson Taylor

Co-Founder / CEO

Jackson has been recognised by Best Lawyers as one of the leading Immigration Lawyers in Australia. As an immigration lawyer and registered migration agent, he has been planning out solutions to improve immigration systems for a number of years. These are now coming to life in the Complize platform.

Luke Scully

Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

Luke is multi-talented. He is an Australian lawyer, passed the NY State Bar, and is an IT whiz. He's been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the products does what it does says on the label and all the buttons work.

Sochan Mao

Software Developer

Sochan is a programming machine. He is at one with the computer. No seriously, one of Sochan's main interests is the human-computer brain interface. He even wrote a Masters' Thesis about it.

Tiam Jun Ser (TJ)

Business Development Manager

TJ is a business growth hacker. He's worked across multiple industries and is motivated by tracking his own performance. Loves to connect the dots between businesses. Coffee is a must!