Increase compliance effectiveness and efficiency while minimising immigration cost and reducing risk.

Introducing Complize: the full-service immigration compliance platform that helps you do more with less.

Minimising immigration cost and reducing risk through automation

Protect your business

Could you afford to lose access to international labour? If a ban on visa sponsorship would spell financial disaster, there’s no room for complacency about immigration compliance. Complize provides all the tools you need to identify and manage immigration compliance risks.

Avoid unmanaged risk

Can’t see the compliance risk in your business? That doesn’t mean it’s not there! Complize delivers transparent end-to-end risk management, ensuring you have all the information you need to avoid unexpected penalties and expenses.

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Streamline compliance

Managing compliance with spreadsheets is tedious, time consuming, and prone to human error. Don’t waste time and effort on low-value, trivial tasks. Our Workforce Management module automates compliance workflows across the employee lifecycle. With less time dedicated to routine administrative tasks, you can direct scarce resources to the things that really matter for business growth.

Avoid unnecessary downtime

Compliance training may be essential, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Eliminate unnecessary training time with Complize. Our online compliance micro-courses deliver rapid, up to date training that ensures your employees understand their legal obligations and have the tools to satisfy them.

Keep it all in-house

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on external counsel just because you’re not up to date on the law. Our Knowledge Base provides comprehensive, user-friendly access to the latest immigration law and policy, so you can manage immigration matters effectively in-house.