Healthcare / Medical Industry

In this unprecedented era, healthcare providers need solutions that allow them to focus on what’s most important – patient care, not paperwork.

Ease Hiring Process For Overseas Talents

Our process automation and compliance solutions can help your organization deliver care when the world depends on you most, reduce your organization’s overhead and optimize your efficiency.

Are medical workforce spending too much time on immigration compliance instead of finding the right people for the job?

Having the right tools is essential to save more time and focus on saving lives.

Big data means 'big complexity'

While more and more employee data is being generated, it's often scattered among many systems. Keep all your immigration data in a single centralised system. Having a centralised system could play a big part in taking control and utilising the big data.

Securely store and manage confidential information

Data leaks compromise your confidential records but also put the organisation at risk of severe penalties. Healthcare providers need secure and reliable systems to protect critical data.

Loss of access to overseas workers could destroy any Australian Healthcare provider

With record numbers of international medical graduates, overseas medical practitioners, nursing and allied healthcare staff being recruited from overseas, losing the ability to sponsor key staff could quickly destroy an Australian healhcare provider. Your organisation needs a comprehensive compliance tool to protect your acces to critical medical staff.

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Managing all your employee sponsored visa holder in one tool.

Tracking the complete life cycle of health care professional visa holders during onboarding, offboarding, and visa expiring. Reducing the time spend on manual tracking.

Speeding up the process when recruiting the right candidates

Just having the full immigration policy is never enough. Receiving the latest immigration law and policy in real-time is the key to complying with immigration law and avoiding any hiccup during the business operation.

Having the right training keeps everyone protected.

Upskill your employee’s immigration knowledge has never been easier with just our 10 certification micro-courses. Ensure employees understanding their obligation in immigration compliance.

"If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business." Gary Cohn, Vice Chairman of IBM