Immigration compliance doesn’t have to mean HR headache

There aren’t enough hours in the day to waste time doing vevo checks. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and get the right tool for the job.

Make Managing Immigration Easier

Access global talent

Would your business survive a ban on visa sponsorship? If you rely on immigration for critical skills, you need to keep Home Affairs on side. Complize provides all the tools you need to manage end-to-end compliance and protect your talent pipeline.

Put Excel in its place

Managing compliance with Excel spreadsheets is just asking for trouble. It’s slow, messy, confusing, and you can’t keep track of critical information. If it’s not financial data, don’t put it in a spreadsheet! Complize provides all the tools you need to manage end-to-end compliance with complete transparency.

Avoid mistakes

When you’re already struggling to do more with less, it’s easy to let that critical visa check fall through the cracks. Why take the risk? Complize automates VEVO checks, helping you manage critical immigration deadlines without the stress.

Stay up to date

Is the information you need to ensure compliance stuck behind a paywall? Getting access to the latest immigration law shouldn’t be an endurance event. With Complize, you get access to up to date immigration information, resources, and templates at the touch of a button.

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Save time and effort

You didn’t choose a career in HR to spend all day handling employee visa check. With Complize, you can get back to the job you love. Our Workforce Management module automated VEVO checks and compliance, from employee onboarding to exit, so you can manage complex workflows simply. With less time lost on time-consuming manual tasks, there’ll be more hours in the day to do the real work.

Is your team equipped to manage compliance?

Your team may not be trained to manage compliance, but we all know who’ll get the blame when something goes wrong. Make sure your people have the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs. Our efficient online compliance micro-courses deliver rapid, up to date training that ensures all employees understand the law and how to apply it in practice.

Do you know when it’s time to contact Home Affairs?

Are you relying on Outlook reminders or post-it notes to keep track of key events? Or, even worse, is it all just in your head? With Complize, you can give your memory a break. Our automated reporting system ensures you’ll always know when notification is required or when an issue needs further attention.