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Non-compliance today puts your personal liability at risk up to 7 years.

The Complize App will keep your personal liability protected.

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Managing compliance risk is an essential activity for all Australian organisations. To achieve compliance businesses must identify and understand their obligations and introduce systems and processes to manage them.

Immigration compliance is complex. Do you have the tools to manage it?

Most organisations are trying to manage immigration risk using spreadsheets. Without the right systems, you'll never achieve full compliance

Brand damage from immigration non-compliance is real

Immigration scandals have a way of sticking in people's memories. Protecting your brand means positive engagement with immigration compliance and risk.

Without the right knowledge, key stakeholders lack the means to manage organisational compliance

Our KB module includes a complete immigration 101 course, targeted at in-house immigration managers that covers all aspects of Australian immigration law for organisations.

Protect yourself with employee compliance certification

Organisations have an obligation to ensure that employees and contractors don't breach immigration laws. Ensure all employees have full understanding of their legal obligations with our online compliance certification modules. With 10 tailored units, these modules ensure employees understand their legal obligations.

Putting employees first while helping your business growth

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The future to simplified immigration compliance risk

“A broken immigration system means bbroken families and broken lives.”

- Jose Antonion Varges, Journalist & Film Maker

Stay compliant with the immigration law with complete compliance service automation

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