Today’s non-compliance puts your business at risk for 7 years into the future.

Immigration compliance may not be a hot button issue now, but what about tomorrow? Don’t wait until it’s too late to avoid the damage.

Protect your brand

The fallout from an immigration scandal can last for years. Make sure people remember your business for the right reasons. Complize helps protect your reputation through positive engagement with immigration compliance and risk.

Avoid severe penalties

When Home Affairs comes knocking, a proven commitment to compliance is your best defence. Don’t let that one-off mistake bring everything crashing down. Complize helps you demonstrate a sincere effort to comply, giving you the upper hand in legal negotiations.

Empower your team

Untrained in-house immigration managers are an accident waiting to happen. Our Knowledge Base module features a comprehensive Immigration 101 course to ensure your key employees know the law, understand it, and have the skills to apply it in practice.

Stay up to date

The Home Affairs website is no user-friendly source of information. Our real-time immigration Knowledge Base provides quick, easy access to the latest immigration law and policy.

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Could your business survive without access to international labour?

In a globalised world, you can’t afford to get banned from sponsoring visa holders. Don’t assume immigration compliance is being managed ‘somewhere else’ in the business. Complize provides all the tools you need to proactively embrace immigration risk and manage end-to-end compliance with complete transparency.

You’ll never achieve full compliance without the right tools.

If it’s not financial data, it probably shouldn’t be stored in a spreadsheet. After all, Excel was never designed to manage immigration compliance. Avoid unnecessary errors and manage complex workflows simply with Complize. Our Workforce Management module provides a full suite of tools to track and manage critical activities, with automated audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

Do your employees know their legal obligations?

If your staff aren’t clear on their legal obligations, you can’t expect them to stay compliant. And that creates a serious risk for your business. With Complize, you can have confidence that all employees understand their legal obligations. Our comprehensive suite of online compliance certification modules ensures your people know their responsibilities and how to satisfy them.