Multinational Information Technology

Using Technology to Comply with Immigration Law. No longer need to spend hours and hours worrying about breaching the law.

Keeping pace with the technology, how about the regulatory and compliance risks that come together?

As the tech industry evolves and changes rapidly, so do the regulatory and compliance risks that are also rapidly evolving. Today’s technology companies need solutions to help them stay current, reduce risk, collaborate and innovate to meet customer expectations.

Having the right tools to recruite and onboard global talent is essential for any competitive organisation in 2021.

Global talent is the difference between winning and losing the next customer. Make sure you have the right systems to recruit and employ the global talent you need to stand out.

Challenging in automating the immigration compliance process yourself?

Developing automation has become the default pretty much in every industry. It has been challenging to keep up to date with the latest immigration policy. Having the ready made automated immigration toolkit to stay compliant in real time could save lots of time and human errors.

Being outdated with the immigration policy?

As the market and technology change, so do the rules and regulations. It can be far more rational to hire a consultant to help you from these areas than to understand the complexity yourself.

Trying to stand out with your company's multinational culture?

A recent Nielsen study found that 67% of employees are more willing to work for companies with a sense of social responsibility. Multinational is one of the key factors in positive social responsibility. Stay compliant with the rules and regulations in immigration is crucial as culture is positively correlated with business results.

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No account set up. No credit card.

Stay compliant and in control of all employee data.

Ease the data management on temporary visa holders by tracking employee onboarding, offboarding and compliance notification features.

Establish A Flawless Recruiting Process

Access to smart documents and automated data management. Easily prepare accurate, up-to-date documents when sponsoring an employee by using our checklists and templates.

High quality compliance training has a positive impact on social responsibility.

Immigration 101 provides ten short compliance courses for all employees, visa holders, line managers, HR, risk & compliance managers, and in-house counsel to has the right knowledge on immigration compliance.