Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base provides in-house stakeholders, including HR, global mobility specialists, line managers and others, with the information necessary to manage the business’s immigration needs.

The Knowledge Base includes best practice guidance on visa applications, compliance management, templates and checklists. These documents are maintained by our immigration team to ensure they remain consistent with rapidly changing immigration laws and provide levels of information normally reserved for registered migration agents and immigration lawyers delivered at a level needed by business. 

  • Access to Knowledge base process access to: 
  • Immigration guides for all key employer sponsored visa types (482, 400, 186, etc.) 
  • Templates to assist organisations to provide documentation consistent with Home Affairs’ expectations.
  • Checklists for preparing nomination, visa and sponsorship applications, audit and compliance.
Knowledge Base

Content Library

Our Content Library includes visa, nomination and sponsorship specific guides that have been developed by experienced immigration lawyers to give your business the necessary insights to manage employer sponsored immigration matters with greater clarity and security. 

The guides set out in detail the current requirements for:

  • Employer sponsored visa types
  • Nominations 
  • Sponsorship
  • Compliance

Guides are maintained and updated on a regular basis in line with changes to immigration laws, regulation, and government policy.


Our checklists provide sponsors and visa applicants with definitive guidelines on what information is required to prepare and lodge applications.

Detailed guidance on the requirements for each type of documents, guides to how to prepare supporting materials such as CVs and resumes, provide clear and useful information for preparing and lodging high quality visa applications that meet relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

Content Library


Our templates are designed to add value to our Content Library by providing stakeholders with the key documents required to support visa, nomination, and sponsorship applications as well as communicate with the Department of Home Affairs.

Templates can be modified and updated with company letterhead and styling to ensure consistency and quality.

Smart Documents functionality

Our Smart Documents functionality enables organisations to improve usage of our checklists and templates to quickly prepare accurate, up to date documents relevant to the immigration process through automated data management.