Online Training

The Online Training module includes materials designed by experienced immigration law practitioners to ensure business stakeholders can manage immigration processes with confidence and competence. Materials include:

  • Immigration 101 – training for business stakeholders
  • Webinar content – up to date and relevant content delivered on current migration issues
  • Online Compliance Certification – Online short compliance courses for employees, visa holders, line managers, HR, risk & compliance managers, and in-house counsel

Our Trainers

Our trainers have many years’ experience in developing and delivering professional legal training to HR, business stakeholders, and other immigration lawyers and migration agents.

Jackson Taylor

Jackson Taylor

Managing Partner
Roam Migration Law

LLM (JD), Master Workplace & Employment Law, GDLP, BA (Hons), Grad Cert in Migration Law & Practice

Online compliance checklist

Identifying and mitigating compliance risk

Managing compliance risk is an essential activity for all Australian organisations. To achieve compliance businesses must identify and understand their obligations and introduce systems and processes manage them. Our online compliance checklist can help you exposure to all levels of business risk. Take the test today.

Online Compliance Certification

Our Compliance Certification courses are short online courses designed to provide employees and contractors in your organisation with the critical information they need to understand their immigration law obligations to protect your organisation.

Our training is based on our expertise in immigration law and compliance and developed in accordance with ISO 19600:2014, Compliance management systems, to deliver targeted, relevant training to support organisations to meet their immigration compliance obligations.

Benefits include:

  • Register and monitor user completion through the Complize LMS or
  • Access SCORM compliant training modules for use with internal LMS
  • Certificate of completion for users with notification to systems administrators
  • Each user receives unlimited access to training modules
Online Compliance Certification

Comprehensive immigration compliance certification

Training can be delivered to all employees and contractors, visa holders, line managers, or stakeholders depending on business needs.

Our training is delivered in micro-units to ensure staff receive targeted and relevant training on key areas of immigration law. These micro-modules take 15-20 minutes and can be allocated based on position, visa status, function or other factors to ensure valuable employee time is not wasted on irrelevant material.

 EmployeesTemporary Visa HoldersManagers & Business Leaders
Intro to AU immigration
Charging for a Migration Outcome
VEVO & Work Rights 
482 Obligations – visa holder 
Business Sponsorship Obligations  
Activity Sponsorship Obligations  
Onboarding visa holders  
Offboarding visa holders  
Modern Slavery  

Our online LMS supports course allocation, monitoring, and detailed reporting to provide business stakeholders with transparency on completion rates, success rates, and areas of concern.

Subscribers can allocate and oversee completion of courses using the Complize learning management system or download SCORM modules for use in internal HRIS.

Up to date and accurate

The online system enables subscribers to stay up to date with any substantive changes to legal compliance requirements and re-allocate training to staff to ensure the organisation remains on top of compliance obligations. Subscribers have unlimited access to course content through-out the subscription period.

Responsive & accessible training

Our micro-certification courses are user-friendly and can be accessed on a variety of platforms including mobile and tablet to ensure staff can complete training when and where they feel convenient. 

Each unit is designed to take 20-30 minutes for maximum convenience and to ensure staff can absorb the key compliance requirements.

Demonstrate a proactive approach to compliance

Demonstrate a proactive approach to compliance

By requiring staff and contractors to complete the process during the onboarding process, and then on an annual basis, ensures organisations can demonstrate a proactive approach to immigration compliance obligations. Annual refresher training supports employee awareness of their legal duties and helps the organisation to demonstrate it is taking reasonable steps to ensure all staff have appropriate training.

To reinforce staff knowledge courses can be completed as often as necessary. We recommend staff be required to complete units on an annual basis or when there are major changes to relevant laws.


Most frequent questions and answers

Approximately 1 in 12 people in the Australian workforce are temporary visa holders. Australian migration laws establish a number of obligations employers must comply with – a prohibition on employing people without the work rights, on exchanging visa sponsorship for benefit, and obligations on employers who use the visa sponsorship system.

Two of the three regimes are strict liability. This means that if the organisation does not take proactive steps to ensure staff have appropriate knowledge and training about the laws they may be liable for breaches by employees, agents or contractors. Providing compliance training to staff is one means for organisations to take proactive steps.

All Australian employers must comply with the same legislative framework. The compliance certification micro modules have been designed for all types of organisations – Australian and international companies, government departments, bodies, and statutory authorities, not-for-profits, and universities.

The modules are not sector or industry specific and because of the high rate of temporary visa holders in the Australian workforce, relevant to all local employers.

The units have been designed to communicate the fundamental legal and compliance issues that employees should understand in order to meet their obligations to the organisation. 

We recommend all employees, agents, and contractors receive some training. The strict liability regimes under Part 2 Division 12 Subdivision C and D of the Migration Act 1958 state that employers must take ‘all reasonable steps at a reasonable time’ to ensure people within the organisation have appropriate knowledge to form a defence against breaches.

What constitutes a ‘reasonable step’ is subject to the responsibility and seniority of the individual involved. However, providing all staff with a basic level of knowledge about the immigration system and how it affects their employment can demonstrate a proactive, good faith approach to compliance.

We have set the appropriate training level to approximately 1 hour per year for all employees of the organisation. For visa holders, we consider 2 hours is appropriate. For people managers and other stakeholders this may be between 3 and 5 hours per year depending on the nature of their role.

We consider that all staff should complete refresher training each year to ensure that they retain appropriate knowledge and understand any minor changes. New staff should complete training during onboarding to ensure they have relevant knowledge of their obligations and organisational policies.

Where there are major changes, we will notify subscribers of the nature of change and that the unit should be recompleted.

Subscribers can allocate training to employees through our online Learning Management System or alternatively we can provide you with the complete SCORM modules to upload to your LMS.

Our license agreement permits each user unlimited use for the license duration. Where users are required to complete multiple modules, we recommend scheduling them across a period of weeks so that users do not feel overwhelmed by the volume of learning required.

Our compliance certification is set out in a stepped pathway. We recommend all employees, contractors and agents complete the ‘Introduction to Australian Immigration’ and ‘Charging for a Migration Outcome’ micromodules. These modules are designed to introduce the key fundamental concepts and compliance issues that have the potential to affect all employees.

Temporary visa holders should complete the core ‘Introduction to Australian immigration’ and ‘Charging for a Migration Outcome’ units as well as the ‘VEVO and Work Rights’ unit which explains the additional obligations that apply to temporary visa holders.

We consider that temporary visa holders may need different training based on the visa they hold. At present we have training for 482 visa holders but expect to expand visa holder specific training in the near future.

Managers and business leaders should complete the core micromodules, ‘Introduction to Australian immigration’, ‘Charging for a Migration Outcome’ units as well as the ‘VEVO and Work Rights’ unit which explains the additional obligations that apply to organisations.

Additional units can be allocated based on roles. We recommend:

  • Human Resources staff complete all modules
  • Line Managers & Executives complete the Business Sponsorship Obligations unit in addition to CC01 to CC04
  • Procurement complete the CC09 Modern Slavery unit
  • Risk & Compliance complete all units

Yes, we can assist by providing whitelabel or joint branded materials, customise materials based on organisational policies or structure, and develop materials specific to your organisational needs.