We want to ensure that you get the best value for money from the Complize platform. To achieve this, we have structured the product so that you can pick and choose the most valuable Modules and add-ons for your organisation. But modules will only apply to certain employees, so we have organised subscriptions by Cohorts, or different groups based on their visa status and needs.

We are always happy to help you understand how the system will add most value to your organisation so contact us today for more information.


Not all organisations are the same and not all employees will need the same tools or resources. The Complize system is structured to provide the right tools to the right staff and priced to match. To support this, we have priced modules based on the needs of the different cohorts within your organisation.

Our pricing is based on who in the organisation needs access to the module and priced based per user (where related to visa holders or individuals) or organisation size (where related to whole of business).







Leaders include senior business stakeholders including the Executive Suite, senior people managers in HR / People & Culture as well as specialist Global Mobility, Risk, Compliance and In-house Legal. Leader Users control other Users access to the system 


We don’t limit how many people in the organisation can be made Leader Users or access materials in these modules, so you can give access to one person or your entire leadership team. 

One subscription per organisation (including corporate groups). Price based on total employee numbers.  

Discounted annual rates apply. 

Visa Holders 


We recommend each staff member who holds a temporary visa* will be a userWe recognise that numbers may fluctuate frequently and provide you with the tools to add and remove users.  

NB, this does not include NZ Citizens who do not need to be monitored. 

Each Visa Holder User and authorised Leader User will be able to access their file to update details, add  documentation, or check visa status 

Pricing is per user on a monthly subscription basis. Discounted annual rates apply. 

All Staff 


In some cases all staff will require access to Complize, for example to complete training or for an Initial Audit to ensure full compliance across the organisation. 

We recommend that all employees and contractors be registered as users to ensure ‘whole of organisation’ coverage. 

All staff will be registered as users and have access to relevant training or to provide relevant documents. 

For the Training Module, pricing is on a per user  

About Leader Users 

Leaders have primary control over the organisation’s users and system usage. Leaders play an important role in ensuring that visa holders and all staff have access to Modules which will gather and monitor employee data.

While some modules are targeted at other cohorts (visa holders, all staff) Leaders will have the ability to add and remove users based on organisational needs, control user access, identify where users have not completed training or essential activities.

Leaders are also responsible for ensuring that data relating to the organisation is captured by the system to enable compliance monitoring and action.

About Staff Users

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