Complize - Immigration Compliance Simplified

Helping organisations meet their immigration compliance in real time.

Complize is an innovative immigration compliance toolkit to help organisations meet their immigration legal obligations in real time.

Corporate Counsel Summit 2021
Lawyers Weekly Corporate Counsel Awards 2021

Three Online Services. One Online Toolkit.

Managing compliance risk is an essential activity for all Australian organisations. To achieve compliance businesses must identify and understand their obligations and introduce systems and processes to manage them.

Knowledge is power

Essential immigration law repository for stakeholders

Fully Integrated

Streamlined compliance toolkit integrates with Home Affairs' systems

Employee Management

Allocate & manage immigration compliance training for employees, contractors, franchisees and others

Real time reporting

Manage visa holders with real time data tracking & reporting

Putting employees first while helping your business growth

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The future to simplified immigration compliance risk

“Compliance isn’t sexy, it’s essential. The consequences of not complying include civil and criminal penalties, reputational damage, and loss of access to sponsored visa holders.”


Jackson Taylor

Improve HR processes with complete compliance service automation

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