Tertiary Education / Research

Relying on the best international research talent is essential to standing out. To do this effectively you need the right tools to manage employment of temporary visa holders.

More focused on students and not correcting HR paperwork

We all know that getting ahead in education and research means employing the best global talent. Without the right tools to manage the burden of international recruitment and employment, your organisation is starting from behind the 8 ball.

Unorganised big data could lead to heavy penalties.

Chaotic big data will affect work efficiency and data security that leads to the leak of confidential information. You will need an automated system that provides a solution from recruiting to immigration compliance, automate and archive each step of a document lifecycle.

Facing the high cost of compliance

Compliance costs money. But you can do things the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is spreadsheets and expensive lawyers. The easy way is using cutting edge software designed by some of Australia's best immigration lawyers to manage your compliance end-to-end based on low per-person subscription rates.

Recognition for professional services teams

Gaining recognition in the industry has always been challenging. Organisations spending lots of time and money on corporate social responsibility to obtain that recognition. Stay in compliance positively impacts corporate social responsibility and leads to recognition for professional services teams.

Protect and prevent any brand damage to the organisation

Failed to comply with immigration law could result in long-term brand damage. Imagine the brand image of being the World University breached of immigration law could result in expensive penalties and permanent damage to the brand.

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Oversight of hundreds of applications and important immigration compliance events at your fingertips

In control of all data on temporary visa holder visa in real-time by using our compliance notification. Ensure not to miss a critical event such as visa expiring.

Like having an immigration lawyer on call

Staying up-to-date on the immigration policy has never been easy. By using Complize, access to the most up-to-date policy and experience immigration lawyer could support your immigration program accurately.

Prevent immingration non compliance among employees, contractors and sub-contractors

Our 10 certification micro-courses can save you the time and cost of your employees to develop knowledge on immigration compliance.