Workforce Management

  • Seamlessly manage candidate review, onboarding, and ongoing legal obligations to ensure your organisation does not breach Australia’s no fault immigration laws
  • Streamline management of the organisation’s visa holder population through our Workforce Management Module
  • Use real-time data and reporting to understand the organisation’s immigration obligation and mitigate risk
  • Conduct guided self-audits to ensure all relevant obligations have been met and discharged or identify critical business risks.
Why Immigration Compliance?
Work rights verification

Work rights verification

All organisations which employ staff in Australia must ensure that employees and contractors have the relevant right to work. Our Workforce Management system facilitates and automates this process by checking personal data against the Department of Home Affairs’ database and storing details in our secure server to:

  • Verify visa status
  • Work right conditions
  • Automate regular checks to ensure compliance
  • Integrate with HR, payroll and rostering system to ensure conditions are not breached

Compliance management

Organisations who sponsor staff under the TSS 482 work visa, and other sponsored visas, must notify Home Affairs when certain events occur. The Workforce Management system integrates with HRIS and other systems to enable organisations to identify where notification is required and submit notifications to Home Affairs directly, where there is no breach, of identify issues which may require further consideration, by engaging Roam Migration Law to assist or for internal review.

Compliance management
Compliance management

Visa holder on-boarding & off-boarding

The Workforce Management system also integrates with your on-boarding and off-boarding systems to:

  • Require job applicants to provide evidence of their work rights (not just make a declaration)
  • For subscribers to our Online Training module, require new starters to complete relevant immigration compliance training
  • Automate relevant notifications for off-boarding including notifications to Home Affairs


Our self-audit system consists of automated workflows designed by experienced immigration lawyers to enable organisations to conduct internal self-audits without the expense of engaging immigration lawyers.

The system provides users with a guided process to identify and flag issues which may give rise to a breach of immigration law obligations. Issues are flagged as green, orange, or red based on the nature and seriousness of any breach.

Users can resolve matters internally or contact Roam Migration Law for further support